Teaching organization

The educational activities of the School are integrated with the study programs of the University of Udine, creating two distinct but complementary training paths.


The educational offering is structured into disciplinary courses divided into the Humanities Class and the Science-Economics Class, as well as interdisciplinary programs aimed at fostering cross-cutting and participatory learning.

As a rule, in each year of the course, excluding the last year when there is an obligation to attend only a disciplinary course, students must attend:

  • Two disciplinary courses, each lasting 28 hours, for a total of 56 hours, equivalent to 8 university educational credits (4+4).
  • One interdisciplinary course lasting 14 hours, equivalent to 2 credits.

Students are also required to attend conferences and seminars organized or accredited by the School. In the 5 years (6 years for Medicine), students must also earn 10 credits in foreign language learning. The same applies to those who enroll in the first year of the master's degree program (admission to the fourth year).