State space methods in control

a.a. 2020/21

Responsabile didattico: Franco Blanchini

Docenti: Franco Blanchini, Stefano Miani

Durata: 28 ore

Programma: State space representation, input output and state vectors.  Linear systems. Equilibrium and stability of the equilibrium. Lyapunov functions. Stability for linear systems.  Conditions on the eigenvalues of the state matrix. Lyapunov stability theorem.  Stability analysis by means of linearization. Feedback control.  State feedback, output feedback. Linearization method for stabilization. Stabilization via eigenvalue assignment and state feedback. Observer design and application to the stabilization problem. Continuous time linear systems. Transfer function representation. Time response. Frequency response. SISO systems controller design. Classical frequency method. Optimal H_\infty. Controller discretization and implementation. Optimal LQG control.

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